A ground-breaking new company called Wizzbags promises to end the frustration of losing luggage and revolutionise the needs of the modern-day traveller. The idea for the invention came at a challenging period of the founder’s life Augustine Odusanya when he was travelling extensively, and standard luggage never met his needs for security and flexibility. He then began to examine the luggage industry.

Odusanya said “As a frequent traveller, I was frustrated when faced with problems such as packing and unpacking my luggage. Travelling with basic luggage never met my travelling needs. Standing for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, facing the anxiety of losing my luggage or having my luggage stolen has often frustrated me when waiting for it coming through the luggage carousel. I always wondered how other travellers dealt with this issue.”

During his research ran several focus groups and carried out extensive market research into the requirements of the frequent traveller. He found out that affluent and private jet travellers were unsatisfied with the current outdated luggage features and the airport luggage management systems. Further research highlighted that it costs international airlines $2.3 Billion in compensation for mishandled or lost bags for its passengers

From that day forward Odusanya created Wizzbags.

Wizzbag is designed with the concept of a luxury wardrobe. The current market leaders only differentiate themselves by offering a variety of exterior designs with no consideration for implementing modern day technology into thepacking/unpacking experience. Unpacking your luggage when getting to your hotel or home has never been easier With Wizzbags. You can also view the inside of the luggage from the apps or handset, furthermore, it has built-in lights, retracting wheels and a built-in umbrella, this is a worldfirst for this industry. Wizzbag luggage is a masterpiece in the luggage world. It is also the first luggage to be trackable from a dedicated app with the frustration of lost luggage being a thing of the past.

The customisation options on Wizzbags are endless too, with customisable velvet inserts anda selection of bespoke leather trim and stitching to really set the luggage off. The exterior comes in a variety of finishes from hand crafted teak to some of the supplest leather available with option of laser engraving your own unique artwork whether it be a family crest of simply your name. Augustine Odusanya said “Wizzbag will revolutionise the way we travel and make travelling more enjoyable. We will eliminate the pain of “standing” in the bagging area, as you can monitor your luggage from our apps or handset. The app will also alert you once your luggage is within reach of picking it up from the carousel.”

This company has some of the most fascinating production techniques ever seen for a luggage manufacturer and is at the forefront of combining technology, craftmanship and customisation in modern luggage into a new era.